How To Make Him Be A Better Man

by Cherry Norris on February 4, 2016

Men can be so clumsy.  Seriously.

But I don't have to tell you this because after dating enough of them, you already know.

Still, it's shocking when a man invites you out, then asks you to split dinner …

Or complains about his ex …

Or insinuates that you're not doing enough when he offered to cook you a meal!

Doesn't he realize how cheap, cranky and critical he's being?

It doesn't feel good at all!

It's downright uncomfortable.

So when you leave and he calls you back to aploogize, do you give him another chance or not?

Well … before blowing him off completely, try this fun, fail-proof tip on today's video.

Since there are no perfect men (we've all got our stuff) … it's less about who he's being and more about how you "make him want to be a better man."

The next time a man says or does something clumsy, use this fun tip to see if it's worth giving him another shot.

Thanks so much for tuning in!

Enjoy and leave a comment below and tell me how you react with a "low cost" man!




Are You Playing Too Hard To Get?

by Cherry Norris on January 21, 2016

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When I was young, my Daddy always told me, "Cherry, men like the chase.  Don't make it too easy for them."

What's he talking about ?!?

I remember thinking, "Dad, you are so square.  You're not 'with it' at all.  You are definitely NOT a modern man!"

I'm an equal woman.  So hip.  So modern.  So now.

Why should I play games?  Is it really necessary?

Have you ever thought this too?

Today's video gives you a fun, fail-proof tip on how hard to play when a man you like comes around and you want to keep him a comin'!

You're not a kid any more.  You're a grown woman for sure.  If you ever worry you're not in sync with sex and the modern man, you simply must see this! 

Thanks for watching and in the comment section below, tell me what you do when a man you're dating asks for sex.






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