Can You Still Be Friends With Your Ex?

by Cherry Norris on August 25, 2015

When it doesn't work out with a good man, it's hard to let go.  After sharing precious moments and a big part of your life, it's not easy to call it quits.

Often after a break up, you want to stay friends.

Hmmmm.  Easier said than done.

Today's video gives you a fun, fail-proof tip on whether or nor you can really be buddies with your ex.

You love that he still calls you.  It's wonderful you share so much.

But with such a strong connection or hope of reconciliation, can you really be his friend?

In the comment section below, tell me how you handle an ex who still wants to be friends.

Thanks for tuning in and sharing it with your girlfriends!

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What To Do When He Doesn’t Call Back After A Great Date

by Cherry Norris on August 19, 2015

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Week one, he invites you to dinner.

Week two, he takes you to dinner AND a movie.

Week three, nada.  Nothing.  Not even a phone call.

It's crushing when you meet a great man, have a great time and POOF he disappears.

The dream is shattered.  Hope is gone.  You just wanna hole up and die.

But before giving up … before letting go … there's something you should know.

Today's video shows you what a man's going through when he doesn't call you back like you thought he would … and why it's not necessarily over.

When you meet a super cool man and he stops calling you after a great date (or two) it feels sucky.  Before giving up on love, here's a fun, fail-proof tip to help you "stay up for the party."  

Enjoy!  Thanks for watching!  Leave your comments below :)



P.S.  Wnen a man hasn't called back like you thought he would, it can feel really bad.  Today's video shows you what's happening and why you shouldn't give up!  



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