Are You Trying To Make Him Love You?

by Cherry Norris on March 25, 2015

Finally, you meet a man you really like!

Your first encounter was great.  You love everything about him.  You click really well.

Now, waiting for his call, you feel totally out of control!

It's exciting, yet scary.

It feels great, yet unnerving.

Does he feel the same way about you?

Or are you more interested than him?

Do you keep humming, "I'm gonna make you love me?"

Today's video, gives you a fun, fail-proof tip on what to do when you start feeling anxious around meeting a new man!

If you're working too hard to make him love you in fear he may not, tune in now to see how to manage your anxiety so you don't blow it!

(You'll also see my "bare ummmms … ;))

Enjoy and leave me a comment below on what you do to stay calm when your emotions run high after meeting a new man!



He Invites You Out, Then Asks You To Pay!

by Cherry Norris on March 18, 2015

You finally get a date with a new man you're excited about!

Who fortunately takes you a great place place you really like!

And everything's going swimmingly … nice conversation, good cheer …

Until the check arrives.

He reaches in his wallet and takes out his card, then asks how you'll pay your share!

Today's Video shows you what to do when a man invites you out, then asks you to split the bill!

It's a Jaw Dropping experience. Especially since he's the one who invited YOU!

See how to handle this situation with grace and ease … while keeping the possibility open for love and romance.

Enjoy and leave me a comment below!



P.S. Watch What To Do when a charming new man throws down his cash and asks you to pay your share!!


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