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Author, filmmaker, entrepreneur and love coach, Cherry Norris gives you fun, fail-proof tips to help you meet and marry your man.

A former dating disaster and survivor of tumultuous relationships, disppointing love affairs and broken hearts before meeting and marrying her man …

Cherry guides smart, strong, sensitive women away from gnarly lovers and men who don't call back to finding everlasting love.

Here's a little story about her greatest dating disaster:

At age 38, I joined a dating service. Through this service, I met a man.

Reading his profile gave me chills. Seriously. The words on his page made my hair stand up straight on my arms. I knew I’d met my man even before meeting him.

When he arrived at my door, he was more magnificent than I’d even imagined. Perfect height, sharp suit and speaking with an English accent. (LOVE the accents!) And he drove a Porsche. (Superficial, I know, but I do appreciate the finer things.) And took me to a fabulous restaurant (Very hip. Very cool. Very LA.) where we had a wonderful time…and I knew I’d met my man.

After dinner, he took me home, walked me to the door and he kissed me. It was a long, passionate, better than any lingering chocolate-chip-cookie kiss that you could ever imagine. I swear it lasted fifteen-minutes!

I felt sparks. I saw fireworks.

And then … with the world spinning around me, I fainted.

Yup. I woke up on the brick floor and he was over me saying, “Take deep breaths. Take deep breaths.” And as embarrassed as I was, I knew I’d met my man. I knew we’d laugh about this for years … about how we met, how he kissed me on the doorstep and how he made me faint!

I told my friends. I called my Mother. Even a psychic said he’d come back from another lifetime to marry me. I was validated.

I planned the wedding. Chose my bridesmaids. Started the guest list.

Then I realized: He hasn’t called.

That horrible feeling. He. Has. Not. Called.

And it wasn’t the first time.

So being the liberated woman I was, I called him.

When we spoke, he couldn’t get off the phone fast enough. But before we hung up he said, “We should get together.”

I said “Great”.

And that was the last time we ever spoke.

My man. POOF. Gone. Disappeared.

And the worst part … I had NO idea why.

Can you relate?

You’re doing your best. You think everything’s going great and BAM …he doesn’t call you back.

It feels terrible. It’s confusing, disappointing and makes you cry!

You’re a smart, talented, capable, sensitive woman. You can have/be/do whatever it is you want. So why is it you can’t find a man to share it with?

As a former dating disaster who’s currently in a hot, happy marriage, I’ve been through it. I’ve seen it, done it, botched it, learned it and can help you meet and marry your man.There’s a reason we’re so confused in romance. It’s not by accident. There’s no secret why you’re single and it’s not your fault.






Modern society has set you up for failure when it comes to modern romance.

The good news is: you don’t have to be confused. You can learn to have the relationship you want.

You can come out of hiding and be fully expressed when it comes to men and love.

This is what I do. I help you meet and marry your man.

And I've created a free 3-part video series to show you exactly why you’re so confused in love, how we got here and what you can do about it to have the relationship you want.

Simply go to HowToMeetAndMarryYourMan.com

And enjoy the show!


P.S. I get what you’re going through. You’re a woman who has it all except the one thing your really want … a man to share it with. You must see these free videos at HowToMeetAndMarryYourMan.com

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