When You’re Feelin’ Too Chicken To Confront Him …

March 23, 2016

Let's say you meet a new man … and he seems really great. For the most part, he does all the right things. He calls.  He plans the date.  You like where he takes you … that kind of stuff. All is swell, except for one little thing … One irritating habit that just drives […]

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Can You Fall In Love Without Meeting Him?

March 16, 2016

When you're single and searching, you look many places. So naturally, you look on line.  I mean, why not? There are plenty of men to choose from. It's a great place to learn and hone your skills, And you can actually meet a man you really like! But can you fall in love without meeting […]

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Are You His Lover Or A Friend?

March 10, 2016

Differences make life interesting, n'est pas? Cultures. Cuisines. Cocktails. But when it comes to men and women, differences can be confusing … especially when we give off different signals. Like when you meet a new man and he takes you out a time or two.  Even if he talks about himself a lot, his inviting you out […]

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Why He Disappears …

March 3, 2016

Finally!  You meet a new man. He's attentive.  He's courting.  He seems interested. You're carefree and enjoy his attention. You go with the flow and don't add any pressure. Then after about 4 months, just when you thing everything's going along swimmingly, POOF!  He disappears. It's so frustrating. So confusing. WTF happened? Was it something […]

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When He Leaves Then Returns After Months …

February 24, 2016

Men are so weird.  Seriously. If you've ever met a man who at first seems quite nice and interested … So much that he takes you out, shows you a good time or two And as soon as you start diggin' his attenttion, suddenly POOF! He's gone just like that. Weeks turn into months.  Then […]

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How Much Of Your Biz Is His Business?

February 17, 2016

One of the most asked questions I receive is just how much about your business do you share with a new man … Especially if you're a respected CEO or run your own company. When he asks about work, what do you say? What does he find if he googles you on line? And for […]

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How To Make Him Be A Better Man

February 4, 2016

Men can be so clumsy.  Seriously. But I don't have to tell you this because after dating enough of them, you already know. Still, it's shocking when a man invites you out, then asks you to split dinner … Or complains about his ex … Or insinuates that you're not doing enough when he offered to […]

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Are You Playing Too Hard To Get?

January 21, 2016

Ready to meet your man and set it up immediately so he sees you as a romantic interest?  Then join me this SUNDAY, JANUARY 24 for a FREE LIVE training! Register Here Now: http://cherrynorris.com/webinar-registration/ When I was young, my Daddy always told me, "Cherry, men like the chase.  Don't make it too easy for them." What's he talking about ?!? I […]

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Smart vs. Sexy: Who’s The Right Man For You?

January 14, 2016

Ready to meet your man and set it up immediately so he sees you as a romantic interest?  Then join me this Saturday, January 16 for a FREE LIVE training! Register Here Now: http://cherrynorris.com/webinar-registration/  Let's face it, everyone wants the whole package: A smart, sexy man who turns us on and makes our life better. It's pretty simple really. […]

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When He Makes An OUTRAGEOUS Proposal!

January 7, 2016

He said "What?!?!?" But … you don't even know each other! You've only seen him TWICE in your life! Whatha faawk is he thinking? Why would he ask such a thing? You like him and all, but his proposal is SOOOO outrageous it nearly kills the romance! Today's video gets right to the point … […]

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