How To Exit A Date Early …

December 17, 2015

Happy Holidays! The year has flown by and it's almost time for Santa and the start of 2016! In this season of merriment, it's great when you're out having fun doing things you enjoy. It's not so great when you're out with a man and feel like Scrooge b/c you're bored to tears, wishing it were […]

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When He Asks You For A Pre-nup …

December 9, 2015

Marriage, long-term romance, the man you've always dreamed of … The man who's perfect for YOU! At last.  Imagine finally meeting him.  It's so romantic. He's a thoughtful soulmate who's sure to be the love of your life. Even better, he's talking about marriage. But the question he's popping isn't the one you expect. He's […]

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When He Looks You Up On-Line …

December 3, 2015

On-line is great.  Who doesn't love to google? You can research anything you want … Find anyone you want … Then again … so can he! Today's video shows you what to do after he looks you up on line and wants to know more about your business than you want to share. If you're […]

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How To Show Gratitude Without Giving Too Much

November 23, 2015

Let's say you meet a new man. He takes you out a couple of times. He treats you to nice dinners and buys you little gifts. Naturally, you want to return the favor to say "thanks." So you invite him out, plan the date and pay for his meal … And they you never hear […]

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The Best Dating Problem Ever …

November 2, 2015

You can see the movie, "DUTY DATING," by downloading it here! Dating can present many problems … (err, or shall we say challenges or opportunities.) At times it feels like going through "feast or famine." Either you're in a never-ending dry spell asking, "Where are all the quality men …" Or you're feasting on so many […]

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Are You Scaring Him Off?

October 27, 2015

Boo! It's the time of year when ghosts and goblins are coming out for Halloween! When I was single, I didn't need a costume to scare men off (still true some days :0) Without realizing it, I was intimidating them and off they fled! When you meet a new man … one you really enjoy […]

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How To Get Him To Notice You On Line …

October 22, 2015

This week's video gives you a fun, fail-proof tip around the importance of making the first move on line.   If you want your man to pursue you on-line, here's what you do to get his attention.   When meetng a man on-line (or in person) and you want to be proactive without chasing him, […]

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Why It’s Better To Receive Than Give …

October 18, 2015

If you ever feel guilty about receiving what a man offers, you'll love seeing today's video. Let's face it. We all want a generous, proective, cherishing man.  Someone who treats us like a goddess and makes us feel beautiful and special. The problem is, it can feel awkward when you finally meet a man who […]

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When Your Perfect Man Lacks Spark!

October 14, 2015

One of the most important areas in life is romance.  Meeting your man.  Falling in love.  Building a life together. So let's say you meet a new man … who's smart and successful.  Fun and fabulous.  And makes you laugh. You know from the start, he'd make such a great husband and such a good […]

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Are You Leading Him On If You’re Not Turned On?

October 12, 2015

Let's say you meet a nice man. He takes you out and shows you a nice time. And now he's asking to see you again. Trouble is, you're not sure if you're romantically interested. You don't want to hurt him, but you don't want to lead him on. Do you give him another chance or […]

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